Huitaca was considered a goddess by the Muisca people that settled on the Colombian plateau near Bogota (Capital District). In several stories she is considered as the rebel wife of Bochica, the social organizer. Her special charm was her indomitable, playful and carefree temper. Huitaca represents the moon, the water, mother Hood but also the independent strength of nature, the germinal power of earth, the irreverent joyfulness, the dark and fertile mysteries of life and the wish that they occur under the night mantle. The legend says that the goddess was transformed into an owl, eternal queen of the night whose eyes embody the mystery of darkness. Ever since, the energy of her influence remains in the soul of her descendants. Carlos Saavedra, a Colombian photographer, went about remote towns and trails of the country looking for the daughters of Huitaca to follow the ancestral and original traces of her descendants.

Salome Ramos

Lola Ramos

Aminta Tique

Maryuris Ipuana Uriana


Margarita Roqueme

Aurora Amador Riós

Elvira Pulido

Xenaida Epinayu


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