Fashion news story - Toast: Challenging the ‘trends’ omnipresence


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Toast: Challenging the ‘trends’ omnipresence

Toast’s Spring Summer 18 collection pre-launched on November 7th 2017. The collections’ central point of inspiration is materiality, both human made and natural, with each month from January to May encompassing selected materials.

Since the brands inception, Toast has evolved a signature simple and modern aesthetic. Led by unique direction Toast has steered clear of trends. Marketing Director at Toast, Claire Robinson shared “You wouldn’t get a high street trend report and then be able to say ‘Toast fits it’, Toast probably doesn’t fit it, probably the opposite.”  

When asked to respond to the observation of trends in the collection Robinson admitted “You might see elements of tailoring that are current and relevant, you might see style details but that is because they add to the piece rather than because they have to be in fashion.”

Toast has seemingly mastered striking a balance between timelessness and the influence of trends.

Fashion Journalism student and blogger, Natasha Saxby commented “I would say it is inevitable that there will always be evidence of some current trends, like for example I noticed one pinafore dress which was current.”

For the Spring/Summer 18 collection Toast has collaborated with clay sculptor, Phoebe Cumming’s, the transformative state of Cumming’s nature inspired sculptures provided a key point of inspiration for the collection.

Toast’s S/S 18 collection remains central to the brands core, a message the brand strived to encapsulate in the collection. Art Director at Toast, Kate Champion shared “We really wanted to work with Phoebe because the idea behind the elements of materiality is that we are all the same at the core even though things change.”

From clay and cactus to hewn stone and paper, the purity of these materials remains the essence of what has carved their focus. Find the collection in-store and online next year.

Toast: Challenging the 'trends' omnipresence

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