Fashion news story - Arresting adornments accessorize fashion week


Term 2. News story based on the accessories at the A/W 2018 Gucci show. For the Evening Standard print magazine.

Arresting adornments accessorize fashion week

Forget the latest ‘it’ bag, out of the ordinary accessories took centre stage at fashion week.

A chameleon, a fawn, a snake, a baby dragon and even severed replicas of models’ heads were the otherworldly accessories touted at the Autumn/Winter 2018 Gucci show.

The mythological creatures cradled as accessories were so freakishly realistic they had fashion followers heads in a spin. Justifying their extraordinary spectacle, Gucci cleared-up the confusion, Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, announced they had joined forces with Rome based special visual effects factory, Makinarium, to create the parody.

Hair, make up and prosthetics student at London College of Fashion, Saskia Kevern states “I think we’re seeing the boundaries pushed more with the materials used in fashion, unconventional concepts such as the prosthetic third eye in Gucci’s show have the shock impact that gets people talking.”

At Tod’s, the approach to accoutrements encompassed four-legged friends. The cuddly shearling jackets worked out as the perfect perching bed for the miniature pooches, Gigi Hadid cradled an unfazed French Bulldog and was followed by model Liu Wen who clutched a teeny Chihuahua to her breast.

The perfectly preened pups were a destined viral hit and sent the internet into puppy meltdown. However, it wasn’t all puppy love, some slammed the brand, expressing their distaste: “Dogs are not accessories.”

Fashion has always been a sucker for a photogenic canine, but it is particularly of the moment as this year rings in the ‘Year of the Dog’. It looks like the must-have fashion accessory of the moment is the pouting pooch.

One thing is for sure, this unorthodox take on accessories that took-over fashion week isn’t something we can nip into town and purchase. A trend for the mainstream? Well, that’s debatable. Gucci’s Insta photo of the lifelike animals attracted comments from a few hard-core members of the Gucci fan-base asking, “How much?” Casual.

For us, the impracticality, and down-right bizarreness can lead us to agree that these accessories have gone to the dogs.

Arresting adornments accessorize fashion week

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