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Veganism takes to the streets in Soho

Soho’s Rupert Street is home to Street Food Unions week day Street Food Market but Saturday’s have turned vegan.

Launched on April 14 Soho’s Vegan Market now runs every Saturday from 11am – 4pm, providing sustenance for Soho’s hungry lunchtime punters. Offering totally animal product free food, in response to mainstream awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.

Stirring up London’s appetite for vegan grub is a veritable roster of traders. Delectable and diverse offerings include healthy Indian curries from SpiceBox and soulful Caribbean cuisine from Lime Hut. Afiya Titus, Lime Hut’s founder extols “I enjoy being able to shine a light on the traditional rasta ital diet (naturally vegan) which is less well known than other classic Caribbean dishes.”

In spite of Soho’s reputation as a top foodie destination, playing residency to vegan food hotspots such as Mildred’s and Yorica, this is the first vegan street food market to hit the city centre. Street Food Union’s Joe Coulter, organiser of the vegan market,
is quick to testify to London’s burgeoning street food scene “We felt that demand for vegan street food is on the up, the vegan street food traders are at the cutting edge of street food start-ups and this is what we want to be part of.”

Vegan food blogger, Anna Winstone affirms “It isn’t exclusive to just vegans, and can show non-vegans you can eat tasty, filling, interesting food on a vegan diet.” These pioneering purveyors putting Soho on the vegan food map are clearly not only keen to showcase their diverse cultural and ethical fare but to tempt the most committed of carnivores.

So, whether you’re a lover of all things flesh or taking your first foray into veganism, this small but perfectly formed market could fit your tummy rumble brief and prove that meat-free alternatives can be just as, if not more delicious, as their non-vegan counterpart – and easier on the environment to boot.

Veganism takes to the streets in Soho

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