It tells us that the love our parents have for us is the same as the love we have for our parents. Our parents nurture us since we were young, and when we grow up, we will give back to our parents as we did when we were young. Parents are the closest people to us, and they are getting old. Becoming the weaker side, we have the advantage of the strong. The flowers here are foil. It can be a cradle or a watering can. It is also a function from new birth to aging. It is ubiquitous in our growth process and has a very important meaning.

In the junior year

Mothers' breastfeeding children grow and grow in warm flowers, and we grow bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, flowers are also getting bigger, and Mother 1's breasts will become more sloppy and wrinkled.


Mother with milk irrigation flowers, flowers grow lusher, our love is more romantic, the whole flower is the epitome of the hourglass, flower growth implies losing time and parents' aging. With our family business came middle age.

Middle age

The father gives the nutrients of the flowers. As the flowers grew more extensive, the father was pressed humpier and humpier and less, more and more challenging to move. As our children grow older, the more parents want to give us, the bigger the flowers will be. It's a kind of love, and it's a contradiction.

In old age

Old us. As a result of the feeling of love, flowers become crutches to support this, we move forward, which can also be said to be the embodiment of parents. Clouds in the sky also turn into beautiful flowers. Parents are always caring for me and us. The love in this picture transcends the concept of time and space. Love will be eternal.

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