In today’s consumer society the demand for ‘ready to eat’ food is increasing, and the consume of processed fish is higher than fresh fish. Fish has been taken out from many people’s diet due to lack of time, difficulty of cooking and lack of accessibility of fresh fish in urban areas. The quality of any fish dish depends on the unique journey it takes from the sea to the plate: the way it was grown, caught, preserved, and cooked. This is what makes fish so interesting for me and makes me want to encourage and facilitate the consumption of fish in modern homes. This idea makes fish accessible to everyone. An online fishmonger where the user can choose the fish from a selected range of fresh fish every day. My goal is to develop a fully functioning app alongside a delivery system, probably starting in Porto and also London. I see this project as part of the social modernisation of traditional businesses and activities in urban areas.

The Unique Journey of Fish

The service and Prototype

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