A reflective and speculative project about myself and my future as a designer. Asking my future self the questions I have now and communicating to the wide public who I am and who I want to be!

In conversation with the future:
A speculative social media page for my future self after an introspective and speculative reflection. The posts and descriptions are communicating to the wide audience my life, values, inspiration and my design process.

My life is a long journey and I want to live with integrity! Personally this means to be honest and pure, and professionally means become a hollistic designer. This unit enabled me to stop and think about my life and my career, who I am and who I want to be.
Since the beginning of the project, I was thinking and reflecting about myself in the world of design and my particularities. My attributes and personal values were easy to reflect probably because I am used to stop and think in my life. But reflecting about my design practice was a bigger challenge and I could only get clarity in nature! I was in front of the ocean and I could dive into an inner discussion about my values, my future and my role and mission in the world
as designer.
Looking forward in time and imagining myself in 2029 with 30 years old was the best exercise I did on this search for clarity and purpose for my future. Talking with my future self was a very personal and introspective moment. This reflection led me to an interview with myself where I could answer some of my doubts and worries. This was very useful to get a guidance from me because no one else can understand me better than myself and I really need to listen to me.



Speculative Social Media Designer Profile

An interview coming from an inner
discussion and big reflection about
my values, goals and my role as a
designer in the world and the role of
design in my life.
Lots of questions from me in 2021
to my imaginary future self in 2029.

Interview to my future self

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