I wanted to give the static paintings themselves some sense of dynamism. So I started to work with photographic and fluorescent paints. They give the picture more variation in time and allow the painting to be presented in more than just a single form. Compared to video media, pictures can also become a linear change. In this work on the climate crisis, the central themes of the greenhouse effect, carbon emissions and global warming fit with the changing pigments. This change shows how, over time, icebergs melt into water, night boats in the dark bring hope for humanity, and water once again becomes a glacier. This cycle of repetition also suggests a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature of love and death.

Glacial Apocalypse

My final piece is a changing painting called Glacial Apocalypse, depicting the melting of a glacier. The work will also be accompanied by a short video presentation, divided into three parts: the melting glacier at average temperature, the water world when the temperature rises, and the ark at night.

The Melting Glacier

The melting glacier at average temperature

Water World

The water world when the temperature rises

The Ark at Night

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