My source of inspiration is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is caused by human overconsumption or indulgence, such as excessive logging to produce products needed, squeezing large amounts of oil for automobile use, and other unnecessary waste. As humans consume the environment, the environment is polluted, which triggers a climate crisis. The fundamental reason is that the human spirit is contaminated. The bubble on the head of the work symbolizes industrial waste, and it can also represent environmental pollution. The basis of the chair is to symbolize the person sitting on top of the head, representing people's anxiety about class. If you put it on your head, it means that the spirit in your mind is contaminated. The lower leaf symbolizes the jungle and primitiveness. It can represent the jungle where pollution suppresses nature, or it can be a metaphor for the law of the jungle. So I created such a work to show that environmental pollution is behind the climate crisis, and spiritual pollution is behind the environmental pollution.

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