This project highlights critical issues affecting our ocean by emphasizing life in the seas, especially sharks and the marine ecosystem. The initial motivation to choose the project's theme about sharks and shark finning is 'shark fin soup.' I explore a connection between the sea and climate crisis and found out that the ocean makes life on Earth possible because the sea regulates global climate, producing more than half of the oxygen we breathe and retaining about 97% of the world's water. Even hundreds of kilometers from a shoreline, global ocean systems significantly impact life on land. So, to communicate the need to protect this vital resource life-sustaining relationship. I create a set campaign poster that separates into three pieces headlining by 'Hunt, Eats, and Repeat.' In this way, I want to express how cruel humans can be when they are selfish enough to take all the shark fin and turn it into soup. It could cause extinction in a few years. Sharks are essential to the functioning of the ocean. As the ocean's top predators, sharks help maintain the health of the world's largest and most important ecosystem. Please protect sharks; their survival is critical to ours.

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