“World Audience" is a tiny clay installation which looks like a lot of clay models of animals are watching a movie on an empty clay couch. When we look at the installation carefully, there are four animal silhouettes on the screen: penguins, polar bears, butterflies and Leucoraja Ocellatas. They are all endangered animals and also, they are the "audiences" of the “movie”. Where are the "people"? If we pay attention to it, we will find a black human figure in the center of the screen on an empty couch. As humans are smarter, they already know the causes of the climate emergencies, which means "they have seen the movie". Yet the animals still don't know. How do I explain my work to people? That is, if the world comes to an end, both humans and animals will suffer death, which it will only happen if the "World Audience" would not do something to save the climate from deterioration.

World Audience


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