The Lost City(200mm*200mm*4)is made up of four watercolours. I was inspired by a Chinese film called Mystery. The people in the film live in a heavily polluted industrial city and they never show a smile. Although this is a suspenseful film, I was very impressed by the city shrouded in fog in the film. I wonder if our cities will be this lifeless in a few decades if we waste resources and destroy the environment in an uncontrolled manner. So I decided to show my concern for the future of the city in the artwork. I wanted to show the mist spreading over the city, they flow around as if they have become part of the city, to convey this feeling, I chose to use watercolor paints which are very fluid. I have been thinking about what kind of colour tones can reflect such a sense of contradiction. After a lot of attempts, I decided to use a large area of gray tones, and then embellish it with a few bright colors, It can make my picture echo my thoughts which is: It’s never too late to protect the environment. The bright colors in the picture are like flames in the dark. But at the same time, these bright reds can be interpreted as wounds of urban. The point of this work is not to cause panic among humans, but to see the changes in the planet from the perspective of a spectator.

The factory

The sky wheel

The ropeway

The sunset

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