When I first learned about Batrachium Pekinense, I was quite shocked. It turned out that there was such a plant in the place where I lived. It has white petals and unique leaves. It is so beautiful, but it has been listed as an endangered species. Through research, I found that Batrachium Pekinense has very high requirements for water quality. However, due to the impact of global warming, the quality of river water has deteriorated, resulting in a significant reduction in its number. The river in the video is the Beijing moat. It is a very important river for Beijing. It has witnessed the development of Beijing. I projected the Batrachium Pekinense icon originally belonging to this water area onto the water surface, trying to prove that it once existed.


The plant in the video is called Batrachium Pekinense, which is only grows in Beijing. However, with global warming, the water environment in which it lives has also changed, which makes it unable to adapt. Now Batrachium Pekinense has been listed as an endangered species. This is a performance art about the climate crisis. The artist used a projector to project the icon of Batrachium Pekinense on the river to appeal to people to pay attention to climate change. The climate crisis is a global problem that we should face together.

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