When I saw the theme of climate crisis, the first thing I thought about was what impact this would have on the survival of living things. And I thought of Darwin's theory of evolution, so I referred to the view of his book The origin of species, It was very helpful for me to come to a conclusion,I found while the environment changes, organisms change themselves to have a higher survival rate. Therefore, I decided my initial idea ,was if i can Draw an illustration for showing in order to survive, creatures can overcome reproductive isolation and then interbreed, thereby changing and optimizing their genes to become new varieties in the background of serious climate crisis ahead. I'm thinking about what kind of animal has a Grandiose look and also lovely, after several attempts, I decided to drew a frog with human eyes and hands as the leading role of this image , that‘s because the frog is good at adapting to bad environment ,And it has a very strong vitality. Secondly, I added some human appearance features to this frog ,in order to express this frog has human’s wisdom and vision of observing the world, which also implies this frog will become the master of all new world . I added graffiti and a tin foil box ,filled with grass at the bottom of the frame. This change is the most satisfactory part for me in my project , because the tin foil box not only make the picture’s composition more rich, but It's more reminiscent people of the growing climate problems , and it’s symbolized the smaller ecosystem on the earth in order to call People’s attention to the climate problem. I have draw these gene reorganization become a new species to attract people's attention, and call on people to raise awareness of environmental protection, I also want to through biological’s self-help while the environmental pollution is more and more outstanding, but we should not give up governance, and should take more active measures to protect the environment and all life on earth.


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