This project was inspired by a childhood fantasy I had when I always wondered if the Earth we lived on was not a planet, but a terrarium created by alien beings from other dimensions to observe human behaviour. This led me to want to create a wearable terrarium to simulate the city we live in, to show how it is gradually being destroyed by encroaching pollution. The part of the design process that I am most looking forward to is my choice of materials and the state of the materials at the time of the exhibition. On the one hand, the materials I have chosen for this project (mucilage, rust) are sustainable in the course of the exhibition. On the other hand, in this project, I have focused mostly on how to highlight the process of gradual pollution, the gradual erosion of the city by pollution. From the new bubble and metal city on the first day of the exhibition to the bubble being covered in black slime and green patina over the following days, this process not only suggests the danger of environmental pollution to humans, but it is also dynamic, interesting and alive.

final work

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