When I was a child, I lived in an industrialized city full of small factories. I always stared at the dark smog releasing from the chimney, worried how it would influence my hometown. This worry continues until now because nowadays people tend to consume excessive energy and I am afraid that if our blue sky could fill with dark smog and if rising temperature could damage economy. Shared Destiny, a speculative design project, is an installation for users to reflective this serious climate issue. This installation consists of two attached respirators with only one breathing port, which symbolize the current and future atmosphere. The air circulated in the respirators symbolizes the destiny. How much air exhausted by the people in the respirator with only one breathing port will affect the experience of people in another respirator. This process conveys that if human beings don’t do anything to protect the atmosphere and continue releasing numbers of tons of CO2, next generations will face a similarly tough situation in the future. People should take the responsibility to protect the atmosphere, the ground, the whole earth because it is not only for themselves but also for their descendants. Everyone breath the same air and share the same destiny.

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