What will happen to our life if it is completely surrounded by things that have lost their value?

The excessive accumulation of rubbish has become a burden on the environment, although people have responded to this by promoting the separation of rubbish for better degradation and so on. Due to this, I made some attempts to stop time from losing its value, but after some tries, I found it was not feasible. It’s really hard for me to change the state of the rubbish. Instead of this, I decided to let it be used again. So I made some furniture made from things that had lost their value, to create a space where things that had lost their value could be given a new value and used again in our lives. But at the same time, sitting in the space made of rubbish, I also started to reflect on whether it is true that in the end we will need to reuse everything in order to survive due to the lack of resources.

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