Hello, this is Christine. In this project, I used the form of animation to express the theme of climate crisis, so that audience may be more intuitive and interesting to experience the process of food from existence to absence. The title of my animation is "The Last Grain of Rice”, it starts with the imagination of a person who reading news about the climate crisis. Content is that due to the use of cars today, too much exhaust gas has been emitted, resulting in growing global warming. And as global warming gets worse and temperatures gets higher, the sunlight may no longer be shining and warm, but rather like a large heat net shrouding the earth. Eventually the crops are withered, leading to famine and people slowly dying out.

The girl‘s dream

News content

Excessive amount of cars

Excessive car exhaust emissions

The sunlight shrouds the land

Food disappeared

Vanish of human being

Vanish of human being

The Last Grain of Rice

This video explains the climate crisis caused by excessive car exhaust emissions, which may cause the disappearance of food and the extinction of humans in the future. The use of exaggerated expressions is thought-provoking.

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