I think the constant re-creation of the climate crisis have lost the value and significance of this topic itself. This topic is like a picture hung on the wall. After being photographed by the first person, it is photographed by later people on the basis of the former. After several times, the first picture has been very blurred. This is like the art under this topic. Art is meaningless on this issue. It cannot solve the problem, it can only alert people. What the climate crisis requires is real action, which is more useful than any artwork. This work was created by a damaged printer. The colors and mottled color blocks in the picture are all randomly generated. No one knows what the next picture looks like, just like no one knows what the next artwork will looks like, just like the difference and subjectivity of different artists in their continuous creation, and the theme of climate crisis is beyond recognition after continuous re-creation. This is a satirical conceptual artwork, but the most interesting thing is that it satirizes other artworks, at the same time as it satirizes itself. because, it is also a meaningless artwork.

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