I am Chuyan Huang. My nickname is Effy. My subject is Global Fashion Retailing in postgraduate. In pre-sessional course Climate Crisis Project, I focus on the issue of over-production in luxury fashion industry. Over-production has two main stages to cause global warming. From the beginning of production, it means over-using, fashion factories need plenty of coal and gas to produce. This one produces carbon dioxide and methane, both of which are greenhouse gases that cause global warming. At the end of the chain, luxury fashion brands implement landfill and burn unsold products that produce greenhouse gases as well. I aim to build a new business model in luxury fashion industry which is called the pre-sale model. In this mode, brands will prepare a certain amount of goods before launching new collections based on statistical analysis of previous orders, and those beyond expected will be produced on demand through pre-sale that can know customer’s demand more accurate. I think it perhaps addresses the issue of the climate emergency.

Pre-sale Model For Luxury Fashion Industry

It is a poster to attract customers who appreciate sustainable luxury products.

Pre-sale Model Poster

It is a commercial poster to attract people who appreciate sustainable luxury fashion products

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