My illustration 'Melting' depicts a cozy and lovely room. Everything in this room is gradually melting away, just like our home, the earth. It is quietly and silently suffering from the harsh effects of the climate crisis, which few people are paying attention to. I hope that through my paintings people will first realize that the climate crisis is happening all the time, then reflect on what they are doing, and finally find ways to protect the planet. Through this experiment, I discovered that illustrators should be able to add a lot of subtle details while still capturing the overall atmosphere of the painting. This is one of the key things I need to learn. In the future if I get the chance to continue this idea, I will try to apply it in more ways and hopefully more people will take notice of the climate crisis.


I want to use my illustrations to make people aware that the climate crisis is happening all the time, just like this little room keeps melting away. It may not be as immediate as an earthquake or a tsunami, which have such harsh effects. But it is gradually destroying our planet. We have to be aware of the seriousness of the climate crisis.

Creative Development Process

Creative Development Process

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