The name of my project is desire, because human desire is endless. Whether in fashion or any other industry, we are always trying to maximize our profits, but we fail to realize that our excessive consumption of resources is also a threat to human life. We should re-examine the present environment of the earth and do our best to protect it.he fashion industry is facing increasing global scrutiny of its environmentally polluting supply chain operations. Despite the widely publicized environmental impacts, however, the industry continues to grow, in part due to the rise of fast fashion, which relies on cheap manufacturing, frequent consumption and short-lived garment use. Fast fashion has developed very rapidly in recent years, designing clothing in underdeveloped countries and migrating production activities to support mass production costs, but transitioning with the neglect of working conditions and environmental costs. Fast fashion has led to some disasters, having a huge impact on the earth and the whole human race, and the large amount of discarded clothing has caused irreversible damage to the climate crisis. As a member of the fashion industry, what we need to do is how to call on the clothing industry to pay attention to the problem of fashion pollution and global warming, and at the same time to call on consumers to consume rationally and choose sustainable clothes as much as possible.

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