The inspiration came from a geography class, our teacher told us that the earth is the only stellar with life in the milky way galaxy. She showed us a picture of the earth and I saw the earth suspended in a brilliant river of stars; the universe was shining but profound. Although the earth is accompanied by many stars, in this galaxy without any signs of life, it is like a small boat in the ocean, carrying humans and other creatures drifting in the universe, that’s where the inspiration for the project came from. In my works, I imagined the earth as a translucent giant bird. I did a lot of research when designing the giant bird. The head of the bird was a reference to the equipment of medieval doctors who were treated patients with the Black Death. In the European Middle Ages where plagues were raging, the arrival of the plague doctor often also hinted at the imminent death come. The climate crisis is already an event that has to be taken seriously. If you continue to let it go, many creatures on the earth will die, and humans will also face extinction.


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