When I think about climate change, the first thing that comes to mind is the growing problem of carbon emissions. Starting from the carbon emission problem, I thought of the waste incineration problem in the cities and villages, which leads to a lot of carbon emission and air pollution. With my life experience, my hometown is a big agricultural city in Fujian Province, where a kind of chestnut is produced, and when the farmers take out the chestnut fruit, the chestnut shells will be burned, which happens all the time and will lead to serious wasting of resources and air pollution problems as well as the carbon emission. After this, I thought about what mediums I could use to bring these chestnut shells into our daily lives, and I noticed the Mazu culture in Fujian, which flourishes in Fujian as a religious belief. During the religious activities, A lot of wood is consumed during the rituals, such as the making of statues and the accessories that people wear in the daily life. So I decided to conduct some material experiments from this perspective to create a new material to replace wood with chestnut shells. This is my ideal product result, it has the smell and texture of chestnut shells and at the same time carries the religion of Mazu culture. Because I want to directly combine the native plants with the traditional beliefs and make the new material become to a positive cycle. Since this is a project about material experiment, the final product is uncertain and it has many possibilities in the future. Also, I hope to propose new ideas for environmental protection and new solutions for the climate change in my hometown as well as the other areas in the world.

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