The climate crisis has been a global impact, and human behavior is the most fundamental cause of the climate crisis. Although people will pay attention to the climate crisis and feel guilty and sad about it, but only so, people have not taken action to alleviate the climate crisis. Many people even think that the climate crisis is just exaggerated. Therefore, I try to use my works to emphasize the inseparable relationship between human beings and the climate crisis and attract people's attention. My work is divided into two parts. The first part is nightmare, which is a collage of environment-friendly materials inspired by sea level rise, hoping to bring people deeper thinking. A submerged world may be a nightmare right now, but if we continue to ignore the climate crisis, this nightmare will become a reality, and the polar bear's present will become our future. The second part uses watercolor as a medium to depict people's numb and indifferent faces, implying people's inaction on the climate crisis. I hope my work can serve as a warning to people to stop being apathetic, wake up from the nightmare and take action to improve the climate crisis.

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