This project is trying to convey the idea that, in one view, plastic, as a fuel, is making the planet vanish. For this image I intended to present the waste gases from the production of plastic bags, which is a heating element like fire for the earth. The earth is painted in a style that are pixels to give the impression of disappearing. For the materials, I chose acrylic markers and a biodegradable plastic bag. I decided to adapt a more visual method by drawing directly on the outside of the bag. This way, both the user of the bag and the people who see it around them will be more visible and aware of the damage that plastic can do to the climate. I hope that through my work, people will reduce their choice of plastic bags and pay attention to the issue of climate change.


The inspiration for this came from the pile of plastic bags in my house, as you can see in the photo on the bottom left.In my city, this over-use of plastic bags does not only exist in my house, despite the fact that the government has already introduced called "Plastic Restriction". But for most people, as the three photos on the right indicate, they are still used to plastic bags .

Final Work

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