As the name suggests, I hope that my work can show the audience a new world that is different from the place where we live now, it will be affected by the climate crisis.I hope the way that the final work will be presented is: an art exhibition from the future, the theme of the exhibition is called "new world". I did a lot of research based on the theme, I found the climate emergency is accelerating more rapidly than most scientists anticipated. Sadly, many people do not think that these crises are related to themselves and they think that will not have a bad impact on them. Therefore, I decided to focus on the frequent occurrence of wildfires under the global warming, and I hope through my work, the audience can truly experience the impact of the climate crisis on themselves and reflect on them. I combine combustibles with 24 letters and use them to symbolize the frequent happened of wildfires after global warming, causing things to burn, human beings have entered a new world. I hope the audience can think about a question: If these beautiful-looking things will become the only scenery in our future life, will you still think they are beautiful?

The exhibition poster 1

The exhibition poster 2

The exhibition poster 3

The process of making artwork

Final Work

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