Hello everyone I am xiaofan, happy to share the work here, I am a young textile designer, planning to study in Chelsea. The theme of my climate crisis project is to turn waste into treasure. Plastic waste emits greenhouse gases from cradle to grave, and plastic recycling can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So as a textile designer, I chose to recycle plastic and fabric weaving combined to make sustainable decoration of the fabric, so that we intuitively know the seriousness of the problem. First, I clean the plastic material and cut it. Second, I used a lighter to heat the fabric to mimic the stout of plastic burning, visually alerting people to the fact that the mass production and burning of plastic exacerbates the severity of the climate crisis, and then perforates the cut plastic with fishing lines. Finally, waste plastic was successfully woven into the fabric and used as a home decoration. I hope to turn waste into a treasure trove, so that more people pay attention to the climate emergency, and realize the importance of environmental protection.

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