Imagine what would you feel if you stood in the middle of this installation art work and looked up? Conflict, contradiction, oppression? The world may be created and destroyed forever. For the expression of the climate crisis, I was inspaired by Michelangelo’s murals and the movie . They all made me feel the meaning of creation and destruction. So I used the gauze to represent the ocean, folded golden paperboard into the shape of an urban building, and placed it upside down. I wanted to expressed a potential relationship between the ocean and human society that looked fusion and separation. I imagine this work is exhibited at the Power Station of Art. It should be 90 meters long and 60 meters wide. I hope this work could be a warning. Just like the ocean problems caused by the climate crisis, when we enjoy urban development and modern life, we shouldn’t ignore the environmental pressure that it cause.



The Creation of Adam + Inception

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