The mermaid represents the combination of human and biodiversity, as well as the Utopia in human fantasy. The shape of the mermaid’s tail is very similar to the waves. Waves are the symbol of freedom and beauty, and this fantasy disappears under the human destruction of nature and the crisis of climate warming. Like the ice mermaid in my video, it slowly disappears and returns to nothingness. After thinking about the shape of my modeling work, I used ZBrush software to model a mermaid. In the material selection of mermaid, I chose ice, because the melting process of ice can reflect the process of biodiversity loss under global warming. I recorded every frame of the modeling process, edited an animation of the mermaid melting process, and finished my concept video.

Melting Mermaid

The mermaid represents the combination of humans and biodiversity. The ice of the mermaid model gradually melts, which vividly reflects that biodiversity is fragile under the influence of climate warming and environmental degradation, just like the melting mermaid in my work.

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