The Art of Transformation in Sustainable Fashion

I am transforming a pair of worn out pants from the closet, trying to make the audience understand that if our second-hand clothes are lying in the closet and no longer provide any value to our fashion, try to transform them to give them a new fashion meaning and practice the concept of sustainable fashion. Through the use of new elements of current fashion and the combination of new fashion trends, "fashion waste" is put to good use and creates new value. Not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of social significance. First of all, it is hand-painted to make it more matching, and in addition to that, hand-beading is added to the pants' accessories to express different moods, such as happy and frustrated, through different colors of beads. Many people always misunderstand sustainable fashion as the complete opposite of fast fashion and think it lacks fashionability. Based on my research and understanding, sustainable fashion is a more environmentally friendly approach to the environment and production in the materials and production process produced, which will not be detrimental to the fashionability of the product. So what I want to convey is the same idea, that sustainable fashion is still fashionable, and it is a fashion direction that has market potential in the future.

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