This work, called "Burning" about the climate crisis, in this work, I use wax and contaminated objects as the main materials and chose the video as my medium. I linked candles and iceberg melting to global warming, using wax to simulate the texture of an iceberg and shaping it into the shape of the Earth. The collected contaminants will be wrapped in candles and then be placed in nature. Make it a contrast to its surroundings and create a sense of conflict. And these candles will undergo the process of burning, collapsing, and exposing pollution, and this process will be record and it like a metaphor for if people don't pay attention to the climate crisis and don't do something about the pollution that we create, then our warming process will countinue to increase, and our environment will get worse and worse, and we will end up surrounded by the pollution that we create.


The plan of working process


The virtual Final work

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