When we mention climate change, we must think of the ecological environment destroyed by human beings. Most people understand that climate change is nature's warning to us. But why isn't everyone protecting the environment? This is the character and significance of my project. Starting from ordinary people, I have conversations with them, analyze the reasons why environmental protection is not taken seriously by them, and try my best to impress them with visual and auditory stimulation and appeal to them for environmental protection. It’s like a documentary, but not that conventional. I've set up some experience items about the reasons of climate crisis. For example, global warming. Then, invited volunteers to experience it, filmed the process, and interviewed them about it. The main content of my film is about interviews, I think the most interesting part is sharing our different views on environmental protection. Hoping these cold artificial intelligence voice, terrible disaster scenes and the volunteers’ honest responses will impress you. JOIN ME, PROTECT YOUR HOME. if you want to see the whole film, please enter this link:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1jq4y1u7pQ

the name of my project

Global warming

mood board

Nan(volunteer ) experiencing the project

The volunteer (Nan) hold her breath in the water. I tried to let her experience the same feeling of people who face the flood.

I count the time

David's (Volunteer ) words

David's words

David experiencing the project

My words

My words

My words

the end of interview

Slogan and information of BGM

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