The inspiration of this work comes from an exhibition called Silver Lake with interactive technology. As the viewer approaches, the coral on the electronic screen will gradually turn white. The artist created the immersive experience to make people aware of the environmental crisis, That is, the rise of global water temperature caused by a large amount of carbon dioxide produced by human activities destroys the immunity of a large number of corals on the seabed, turns white and loses vitality. This work deeply shocked me. First of all, it made me realize for the first time that coral is a beautiful live. Coral reef ecosystem is also known as underwater "tropical rain forest", which has important functions such as protecting coast.As a jewelry artist, I want to make people realize that it is everyone's responsibility to protect coral through my perspective and creation, and deeply realize that as a life existing on the earth, no matter a person or a coral should equally enjoy the existence of nature, and people should not have a sense of fluke superiority in front of nature. From this point of view, I try to find a common point between coral and human skin.

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