My artwork title is "Youth activism today with the future of children". This title is a warning people to Listen to the environmental protection message from Youth! Because I believe they represent the future of us! At the beginning of my climate crisis project, I did not know how to use my fashion design skill to create this project. I start with a mind map in the sketchbook which helped me to view all the climate crisis issues today. I produced an idea that uses the children's perspective to draw. I started by collecting some images of youth activism and the message they said. I experimented with oil paste because I want to use this medium to represent children. The white background one is representing the air, and I used black oil paster to draw the message "Allow me to have a future" in the middle of the picture, because the contrast of black and white is strong, and there are two sleeping baby angles in the background symbolizing the future, and the red circle is symbolizing the global warming. And the hand in the top right corner is represented youth activism holding the message up. The blue background painting is that the one represents the ocean. The background is acrylic, two babies are pencils. This painting symbolizes the Floating garbage inside the ocean. Finally, the T-shirt is a good medium to express it, and matches my painting.

Youth activism today with the future of children

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