I’m yaqihou, ready to stduy at Chelsea in textile course. When I got this subject, I looked back at the obvious climate changes in my life. I found that there are great climate changes in my hometown. My hometown is Harbin in the northeast of China, near the northernmost coldest city. Famous for its ice and snow, many people gather at the Ice and Snow Festival every year, but now the temperature in winter is getting higher and higher every year, and the duration of ice sculptures is getting shorter and shorter. This is caused by global warming. So I investigated the causes and hazards of melting glaciers. As for material, in addition to normal yarns, I also need to find a more intuitive material to express the visual effect of the glacier. I bought iron wire and ice cubes, but they are difficult to combine with wool, so I chose crystal ore, When it is combined with knitwork, it is very suitable and beautiful. I divided a final outcome into different part to express the gradual melting of the glacier. Use technique and line thickness to show a kind of contrast.





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