In the global weather destruction today, the human living environment has been very dangerous. The purpose of my art works is to explore the contradictory symbiotic relationship between nature and waste soil in the future human habitation environment. I collected a lot of information about cyberpunk and steampunk, and some original paintings by artists. My personality is slow and passive. In the early stage of deciding to make a work, I will spend a lot of time to do research and preliminary work, put forward many plans I made some sketches and imagined what the future might look like. I imagine humans in the future living in boxes with very little room to move around. They could see the dust outside through the window. My design principle is that no matter what I draw, I want the audience to see the story for the first time and have a clear picture. I want the audience to see more of a light contrast and a desire to explore the story. Pure painting is also a place where one can fully reflect one's own ideas, so I come to the conclusion that story is very important.


The future state of human life

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