The theme of my work is about the sky. The sky has become less clean due to the pollution caused by human production and living. I want to make a pure white cloud-shaped installation art to express my yearning for a natural environment. When viewing this work, we can see various kinds of garbage in it. In fact, these are things we can see everywhere in our daily life, and they have been given a new meaning and they can force people to think about the relationship between people, garbage and nature. Molding paste can easily shape a variety of shapes, we can see the partial images, some look like mountains, some look like rivers, some look like valleys, which are all part of nature. By thinking about the shape of the artwork and the materials used to make it, I believe that the audience will be able to redefine the natural environment. The artwork has the function of displaying time. The clock is also a reminder that nature does not have much time for people to protect it,that will be the idea I want to express in my works.

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