With global temperatures rising, corals lose their vitality and become dim. This phenomenon is known ‘coral bleaching’. As presented here in the form of a collage, my collage, conveys the environment change in corals after experiencing the climate crisis. The contrast of light and dark tones divide my artwork in two parts to reflect this change. The aim of selecting the theme is to raise people’s awareness of the function of corals to the ocean, appealing more people to take action in protecting corals. The first collage illustrates the situation before the climate crisis, in which the ocean environment is tidy, and the corals are colorful and full of life, as presented by the tone, which gives people a pleasant feeling. After experiencing the climate crisis, the sea has undergone a series of changes. The rubbish in the sea has increased, and the sea has become more and more turbulent. The corals have gradually withered and become dim due to the loss of a good living environment. Biodiversity is slowly decreasing. Therefore, the second image is dominated by dark colours, which gives people a visually depressed feeling.

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