I made a mind map and after analyzing and exploring it, I made [Forest Fire] the main theme of my artwork for this occasion. I read a lot of news about forest fires, related literature, and browsed through some documentary photography and did some fieldwork, which gave me more insight into forest fires The first proposal is an icon inspired by a fire that happened in my home town. I used color extraction and graphic simplification to get my point across. However, because I focused too much on this one news event, it caused me to deviate from the central theme of Climate Emergency with this one scheme, so it was not used. My second and final proposal uses a poster to warn people about the environment, using hyperbole to predict the future state of the environment. The illustrations show the current environmental problems that people are facing. Of course I have used an exaggeration to make my point here, but we don't know that if people continue to destroy the environment like this, it might become a reality in the future.

Forest Fire 1


Forest Fire 2


Forest Fire 3


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