Hello, I'm Linsey. I'm a student majoring in LCF women's wear design. I'm glad to share my climate crisis art project "Survivor" series here. Climate Chaos is not a future emergency. It is killing people here and now. This year's frequent floods in many parts of the world are only a microcosm of the climate emergency. Therefore, I reflect on the flood event from the designer's perspective and turn my inspiration into the fashion design "Survivor" series. I hope this series can not only alert people in a "climate emergency", but also protect them. At the design level, the series urges people to reflect on the "climate crisis" through the detailed fold structure design of clothing, the selection and matching of clothing colors and the use of environmentally friendly fabrics. At the technical level, the inflatable, floating and removable functional structures are tested and designed, and combined with clothing, which meets people's physiological and psychological safety needs under the background of "climate emergency" to a certain extent. These reflect not only what I can do for the natural environment as a designer, but also what I can do for mankind as a designer.

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