Hello everyone, My name is Lanxin. It's a pleasure to share my climate crisis project here. “Future Assumption” is a virtual installation with the climate crisis as its main theme. It is an object that can be continuously oxygenated and monitored and is planned to be made from recycled plastic and straw, showing my assumption of how people will live in the future. I was inspired by the phenomenon of burning straw (the stalk and leafy parts of mature crops). Through my research I have found that many people commit acts that are harmful to the climate in spite of human and high-tech monitoring. No matter how much regulation and control are done, there is no way to eliminate man-made pollution, so it is very important to make everyone aware of environmental protection. Therefore, I began to assume the future of human life: a future where humans live under 360- degree surveillance and cannot inhale the air directly from the earth. With this object I wanted to satirize the fact that if humans keep behaving in a way that harm the climate, they will only live under surveillance that exposes their privacy in the future.

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