My piece is called 'Shuttle in the Climate Crisis'. In July 2021, heavy rain occurred in Henan Province, China, which triggered a flood. It caused some deaths and destroyed many houses. I realize that in the face of the climate crisis, human beings are so insignificant and natural disasters are so cruel. In my project, I used earth elements to collage the good life before the climate disaster and the bad living environment after the disaster from the perspective of a mini person, so as to express the cruelty of the climate crisis because the earth is the home of mankind, and it is the responsibility of people to protect the earth. I also used collage to show the environment caused by climate disasters. It shows the lush living environment brought by nature to human beings, but the unreasonable behavior of human beings has caused the climate crisis. It expresses that if people protect the environment, they can reduce the risk of the crisis. Therefore, I want to raise people's awareness of environmental protection through this work to give a warning to human beings.

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