The project is an observation of human existence in the context of the climate crisis. My first reaction about CC was global warming and other disasters. However, I personally felt that the theme of disaster was too widespread, so I chose to explore the subjective state of people facing the crisis instead of directly presenting the objective facts. Using "frog" as the main character, the metaphor reflects we are like "frogs in warm water", who do not know or take action in the face of the slow and continuous changing crisis. The inspiration comes from my own feelings. Although I have been receiving media messages about the climate crisis for a long time, it is difficult to feel it personally because it is too far away from life. However, this state itself is very dangerous.

Initial ideas

experiment and choice

Illustration draft

Protective Shell

bottom hole at the bottom of the well frog thought now is all over the world, more do not know the sea is what, and just as we humans in the cities under the well of the protection shell, well dressed, matter-of-factly work, marriage and life, believe that the current city life in the world, without knowing outside the city environment has been under siege.

Boiling Frog

if you put a frog in boiling water, it immediately senses danger and jumps out; But put the same frog in the slowly boiling water and it sat motionless on the bottom. However, the central nervous system of humans is like that of frogs, and if a crisis changes slowly, we cannot respond immediately to it.

Poster-Frog and Elephant

The environmental crisis is sometimes like the elephant in the room, as a serious problem that exists, but is deliberately avoided and ignored. Some organizations are reluctant to admit the obvious facts due to their interests, which prevents the problem from being widely recognized and solved. Frogs and elephants in the same room, ignorance and hegemony in the air.

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