When I come across the theme of "climate crisis", I intend to make a work to provoke people's attention and make them find their own connection with this social issue. The deterioration of living environment caused by climate warming is the aspect that I focus on. The information on these issues is all secondhand experience from the website media. As an independent painter, most of my previous cartworks theme is about the moments of individual people's life, family or youth memories. "Climate issues" is a challenge for me, who is not experienced in creating public topics.     In the process of researching, I was inspired by the juxtaposition often used in adverts. I have always been interested in the various ways in which visual images unconsciously influence human cognition. So, I tried to combine image juxtaposition with oil painting to create new possibilities. My work mainly consists of two parts: search and compare suitable images data and then paint them freely. 

Last Day

Oil on canvas

After graduating from college in 2011, I began my career as a professional painter. 2012 The First "CAFAM·Future" Exhibition -- sub-phenomena: Report on the State of Chinese Young Art Nomination, CAFA Art Museum; 2017 "Take in the scenery, Strait Young Artists Exhibition Program", Eslite Gallery; In 2018 and 2019, I organized the resident activities of Chinese-German Young Artists communication Project, Dusseldorf. 
Today painting is relatively marginal in the context of contemporary art. At the same time, I understand that the survival and emotion of individuals can reflect the real state of a society, which is a vivid miniature of the whole society. Therefore, I think the relationship between my creation and contemporary art is both integration and a certain distance. My previous doctrine of art was to only use data from my own first-hand experience, but this time working on climate change has made me to go far away to my comfort zone. 

Artist Statement

Detail 2 - Last Day

Industrial Pollution

Detail 3 - Last Day



Detail 1 - Last Day

Industrial Pollution

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