Climate crisis has become a global topic. I think as an artist, we should pay more attention to this global issue and create some artworks to response to it. I created two works called Dead Flowers(80x60cm) and The Skin of Earth (50x50cm)with some materials, such as dried flowers, oil paints and dry crack paste. I used these two works to show that the drought under the climate crisis and hoping to be seen by more people, so as to raise the world's awareness of the climate crisis and environmental protection. I graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. My major is oil painting. After undergraduate study, I got technique and knowledge about painting, from tradition to contemporary, and about the future development of painting. In the contemporary art world, I am a conceptual and innovative artist. I will explore more possibilities about painting and different materials. At the same time, I have been exploring and looking for my own painting language. In the future, I will continue to develop works on the theme of climate crisis and some contradictions in contemporary society.

Details of Dead Flowers

The Skin of Earth

Dead Flowers

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