“Cry of the oceans” is my artwork to arouse the public awareness of the audience on wildlife and marine environments protection.From April to September, blue, luminating oceans light up the coastlines of Mazu, Taiwan. This magnificent scene that tourists are so fond of is the result of an increasing amount of noctilucent bugs caused by climate change. Warm ocean water encourages the growth of these luminous organisms. Right under the mysterious glowing surface are tons of suffocating ocean organisms. I was not very invested in this theme during the creation of this project, but after finishing up this project, I felt more connected with it. I would like everyone to pay attention to this small island and implement the treasure and protect the ocean. Working with fashion campaigns and portraying them in publicity advertising versions are what I seek to accomplish as an artist. Set designing, styling, photographing, and creating themed makeup are essential factors in my creations. Using blue constructs of water and recycled materials, I wanted to reflect back on the theme-Climate Crisis. I hope to illustrate the beauty of my beloved Taiwan with this project. A beautiful place full of natural resources and marine life.

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