I call my work "No One's Land." This work is about a kind of the climate crisis, which is global warming. Global warming is a serious problem now. Now too many people drive cars every day, use air conditioners and burn coal mines, which are the causes of global warming. Through my research, I found Saraceno's work, Cloud Cities. I got the inspiration of Utopia from his works, and I decided to use plastic models of fish tanks, water and some buildings to create a utopian undersea world. In order to create a better atmosphere, I added some models of plastic figurines. Also I added water plants in my project, because I wanted to make the "city" look more primitive. This "city" is many years later due to global warming, the sea level is too high, submerged we are living in the city. It became a ruined city. Because I wanted to create a feeling that looks nice, but is really lonely. I hope people can learn some lessons from my work and protect their cities.

No One's Place

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