The theme of this meteorological disaster is 'from sand to soil', where people spend decades completing the transformation from desert to soil through an iterative process of the same steps, with human intervention to restore the sand through planting. Disasters can affect people's daily production and lives, and even their emotions. And what I am most curious about is the way people cope with such disasters. I was inspired by the fact that people living in arid areas try to reduce the frequency of dust storms by planting desert plants to fix the sand. I presented this work in 3D, a miniature scene, a box full of sand and plants, mixed with coffee grounds and some dried plants to make a scene with different colours and material variations; in terms of material choice, coffee grounds were the least wasteful eco-friendly material I could use, sand and branches I could collect at home and in my backyard and use them entirely for this weather project. By mixing different materials, from sand to soil, to characterise people in the process of managing dust storms, I thought it would make a great visual table.

From sand to soil

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