My project aims to create a new way & concept of garments design. As I worked in a huge company, I knew how enormous garments were produced each year. It is excruciating for me to observe this pollution situation in the whole industries of fashion. I always question myself why we need to waste so many resources? Why do we need this many clothes? But meanwhile, I do very passionate about what I’m making, and I always want to present my work in its best condition. So I started to wonder if there is a way to change the design process which we all get used to and have more responsibility to the planet earth and our future. This concept that I created are able to be used by both producer and consumer, is a system that could insert in different media, help the designer visually see the work before it actually make out. Then to answer the question that asked by the resource, where Do they Come From? Where Are They Going? Is a system, a future, a solution ...

" Standard "

This picture is what T-shirts may look like in a standard way of patterning & cutting. The red section is the pieces of garments; the black section is the part we will waste.

Automatic visualisation measurements

A scanner that automatically senses the body, it makes marks while measures.

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